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We deliver Dream Clients with a scientific mechanism that finds the perfect buyers in your aimed Account, cultivates them with hyper-personalised omni-sensory content across 15 touchpoints and makes them interested in buying

The contact flow

Interact only with higly strategic accounts, without unnecessarily chasing their buyers

Leads or Hyper Leads and Dream Accounts?

Lead generation is the first challenge of a B2B company aiming for growth.

All too often, traditional tactics do not work.

We are talking about ‘spray & pray’ methods, whereby generic digital messages are sent on the same channel (email or LinkedIn) to unprofiled people, hoping that they will be opened and read.

And that someone strongly interested responds, spontaneously.

This simplistic approach may be fine in B2C, but in B2B, buyers are different.

They are more informed, more demanding, more engaged and their purchasing decisions are more complex.

Much more complex, more expensive and with many stakeholders.

Leads generated with these traditional techniques, sometimes refined with inbound mechanisms, disperse quickly.

You know this well, because the first to complain about poor quality and unnecessary crowding of the pipeline are precisely the salespeople who attack marketing and the effectiveness of actions that do not convert.

To get quality leads or hyper leads, you have to change your approach.

You have to:

hyper segment your target audience,
hyper profile the buyers,
hyper customise content,
hyper-distribute messages.

You have to give your buyers the only experience they deserve along all the many touchpoints of the convoluted, multichannel B2B funnel.

Otherwise, you’re out.

B2B buyers reward companies that offer a great omnichannel experience supported by hyper-personalised marketing, and punish those that do not

McKinsey, April 2023

What is the difference between iperleads® and other lead generation mechanisms?



Traditional Inbound iperleads®
Lead Quality
very wide and not profiled
average profiled
very profiled and targeted on all decision makers (in the buying team)
Contact mechanism
single-channel, generic electronic messages organised in repetitive sequences
potentially interested persons search online and visit specific digital pages, from which they download premium content
direct mailing and multi-channel delivery of hyper customised content to individuals in the buying team of pre-identified companies
Engagement tactics
LinkedIn Lead Generation, DEM, Trade Fairs
Organic Google + Social, SEO, ADS
Direct Mail with subsequent omnichannel digital interaction
very limited
excellent and personalised
Message opening rates
Reply rate
Touch Point number
Use of ABM-X tactics
Cost per MQL
very low
Cost per SQL
very high

Sources: Inbound ,HubSpot, iperleads, Royal Mail

Offered Services

Hiper Quality B2B Lead Generation

Hyper Profiles Buyer Personas

Highly Profiles Lists of Prospects

Iper projects of Direct Mailing

Premium Contents, hyper personalized

Linkedin & Social  automations, on hyper contents

Sales and Marketing hyper alignement

Direct Response Copywriting

iperleads® brings you only those who decide

Scientifically verified marketing positionings

100% profiled lists, anywhere in the world

Message openings above 80 %

Zero Waste Marketing Investments

15+ omni-channel touchpoints 

Highly customised and relevant content published on various online platforms

Deep emotional involvement of the whole buying team

17 days before a message is ‘archived’

Online and analogue channels

No extra work for your sales managers

High-quality social interactions with your prospects

110% High Quality Lead generation

Contact us to get your hyper-profiled list of buyers immediately

We can find your customers around the world, with the precision of a laser. Call us and we will immediately start working together to grow your sales.

Change the speed of your business and start producing hyper leads".”

Discover the extraordinary mechanism of iperleads®, built over 10 years, which can put you in front of the perfect paying customers only.

Who are we

Alberto Regis


Since graduating in Economics in 1988, he has worked in marketing and sales: that’s more than 30 years of uninterrupted strategic and operational experience.

He has served large multinational companies as marketing manager and director, then entrepreneur, mentor, and advisor.

He has lived in Europe, South Asia and South America, created and managed brands in B2B and B2C.

Alongside great successes, he has made great mistakes, and it will be a pleasure to share both with you in person. The failures, I assure you, are more interesting than the successes that everyone knows today.

He lives and works in Biella, where the agency is based. He loves science fiction and wanderung, of which he has made a philosophy of life


They say of us

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Alberto as one of the best Marketing executives I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Due to his success both as a consultant and as a business owner, he’s able to combine theory and practice in a perfect mix.
Paolo Serpagli
Alberto is a dynamic, positive and always optimistic entrepreneur and professional. His technical and managerial skills support his inexhaustible creative vein and unrivalled enterprising spirit.
Maddalena Triches
Marketing and Communication Consultant
Endless experience and established expertise, definitely a professional to rely on.
Silvia Bosio
E-commerce Strategist, Marketing Consultant
The project went very well. We were able to appreciate the great experience and eclecticism of Alberto, who guided us step by step and saved us a lot of time in the go to market.
Francesco Serra
Managing Director

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